Driving All Night

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One of my favourite tunes to play live and a song which has undergone a very subtle but significant evolution through playing it live. Jem really excelled himself with the production on this one. Throughout these sessions, dear bruv came up with an endless list of inventive production techniques that really added to the atmosphere of the material. Much like the song, this is a perfect example of what a gifted producer can do if he hasn’t slept in 48 hours.


Written in Munich when the temperature was -20°C, and I had just lost all of Simon's luggage apart from his wallet, passport and guitar. Strangely enough, it's actually about a completely different incident. I realise now that this is one of the few songs that I actually titled. Simon played the tune through and I knew instantly what it was going to be called.


I watch the raindrops
Signs on the side roads
And all the white lines
Twisting around me
I feel I'm empty
Pulled out into the darkness
I'm not alone here
You're still beside me
Your eyes are silent
Why aren't you sleeping?
The rain is shouting
But inside of my own mind
It just gets quieter and quieter and quieter
It just gets quieter and quieter and quieter
Like I'm trapped down underground

The journey's easy
That's what our friends said
Straight through the mountains
It's such a fine road
It seemed so open
But that was this morning
And now it's tighter and tighter and tighter
And now it's tighter and tighter and tighter
Like a noose bound 'round my neck

My hands tell me it's time for pulling off the road now
My eyes they are close to closing, ready for sleeping
But when you are a leaf that's blown on the edge of a stormcloud
You just can't stop, fall and give in

And we're still running
Into the darkness
The storm is building
So close behind us
The hour's coming
When we step into the darkness
But it gets lighter and lighter and lighter
Yes it gets lighter and lighter and lighter
As the storm fires up the -
Followed by the thunder -
Carves its way across my sky

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