All Of The People, All The Time

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Here at Tinyfish Towers, we’re big fans of keeping you on your toes. In reality, the thought of an album full of prog epics frankly bores us rigid so we hit upon the idea of introducing some musical vignettes to the mix. Rob and I are big fans of Tom Waits and Peter Blegvad who are able to visualise entire worlds from just a few lines of prose, so it gave us the opportunity to try and re-introduce the prog world to the lost art of the spoken word.

Now we’d be the first to admit that we’re no-where close to being in the Waits/Blegvad league yet. Ambition being what it is however and knowing that Rob ‘has some game’ in this area, I asked him to come up with several sections for the album. One sits at the beginning of ‘Motorville’, the other lurks at the end of ‘Tinyfish’ and this baby sits smack dab in the middle of the album, acting almost as a commercial break between the two halves.

Humour often works as an excellent tool for social commentary and in a country that has more security cameras per person than anywhere else in the world, we are increasingly aware of our value as cash cows to a hungry and demanding governing class. They have a plan for us and whatever it is, Rob is sure it’ll be to their advantage and our detriment. I will never look at a phone in the same way again.


When I wrote this, I was thinking of Peter Sellers, Vivian Stanshall, and Dennis Nilson, all combined into one person. A person who is running your country. Good night, children - everywhere.


“By the terms of our agreement
- Amongst ourselves -
We have to let you know
We are in control of the planning
And of the supply.
We will tell you what to feel
And when to feel it
Like this -
And this -
So that the Great Trees -
And the Brushwood -
Both know their place
You have to know
So that you know
That you are powerless to resist
As part of the great experience
As part of the secret weapon...
I will now give you your keyword
which, of course, you will not remember.”

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