Build Your Own Enemy

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I’m a big fan of this tune. Most of our songs began their lives as a few idle doodles on my computer which we build upon over the weeks to arrive at a completed song. This one however just flew out of the fingers and mouth fully formed (melody, rhythm and lyrics almost all in one go).

It’s nice when you can create something in such a sort space of time. It’s almost as if the song was already there and you just found it behind the sofa like a pound coin or an unused…well never mind.

As for the meaning of the song; well a person who never made an enemy, never made anything did they?


One day
You’ll be sorry
One day
You’ll be wrong
One way or another
One day
I’ll be gone

And if you see yourself in my position
You might appreciate the irony
Now that I’ve come to give you my decision
I will remove the part of you that’s me

One day
You’ll be worried
One day
You’ll be burned
One way or another
One day
You’ll have learned

And if you took a note of my reaction
You might recall the meaning from within
And if you caught a sense of satisfaction
Closing the door that used to let you –

I got warnings from the silence
I got signals from the doubt
I got ready for this moment
And walked out

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