Too High For Low Company

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This started out as a rant against a former friend but happily as the song evolved, we found a startlingly new meaning behind the lyric which tied neatly into another song on the album ‘Sundried’. Now I’m not usually a huge fan of vampire stories but the closer we looked at the two seemingly unconnected lyrics, the more parallels we found between them. The correlations were compelling and today I personally cannot see the song meaning anything else.

This just goes to prove that no matter how hard you try to nail down the meaning of a song, like a cat covered in butter, it always manages to find a new escape route. It’s one of a number of recurring themes (both lyrically and melodically) that we have tried to thread throughout the album.

PS: Tinyfish would like to state here and now that they do not in any way advocate the nailing of butter drenched felines to any surface as that would be both cruel and a huge waste of yours’ and the cat’s time.


This, and ‘Fly Like A Bird’, are the two songs I used to play to people when we only had the demo versions. Admittedly, it was partially because the demo versions already sounded awesome, but partially because both songs were relatively short. Never overestimate the attention span of Mr. Random Bod-in-the-Street.


So much for honesty
I’ll watch my tongue from now on
Anger is policy
Turned loose upon you and me
So much for family
I’ll bet there’s a song for me now
Fortune and enmity
Too high for low company

Lip syncing the strategy
Fine points under tongue and vapour
My blood’s an enemy
Pumped out onto pen and paper
So much for you and me
I thought we would live forever
Midnight at clemency
But that train has left forever – now
We can’t go home –

Sundried – today
Don’t let this moment –
Don’t let this moment stay –
Sundried – today
I let it slip away

For the one you know -
For the man I once knew -

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