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When drawing up a list for tracks to include upon the Tinyfish album, we had originally intended to include a track called ‘Hand In Hand’ (eventually released on the Summer Promo CD). Unfortunately, the song just wouldn’t fit anywhere in the track listing so we had to come up with something else and fast.

This gave me the opportunity to pull out the delay and echo pedals and try my hand at some Frippertronic soundscaping. I presented this to the guys and both Jim and Paul instantly picked up on the feel of the thing and knocked up a ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond-eque’ solo and bass part which worked a treat. It’s quite possibly the best thing I’ve heard Jim play yet. Superb stuff.

I’m particularly fond of the end section as Rob filters in out of sync with himself talking about four strangers in a car looking for a way into a huge dilapidated warehouse for reasons best known to themselves.

It’s emblematic of who we are as a band and contains everything that’s best about what we are. I’m very proud of this track and I hope it shows.


This is my favourite track on the album. Not only do I get to ramble on about strange and hopefully disturbing things, I get to hear Jim and Paul do the most amazing things using only bits of wood with strings fixed to them. My eyes screw up whilst listening to it, like they do with all the best guitar solos.


“It was the third attempt, circling around the building in an old Trabant, searching for the opening that had so far failed to appear. Blue and green solid nightmares rose up out of the dusk and floated out to meet us, then faded, crystal fashion, as we tried to close with them. Everyone in the cramped vehicle was tense, the tension passing from one to another like a handprint. Would this be the last time, that the five of us were together? Or would we be together forever, preserved in the light from this unreguarded building until the power was finally shut off and the meaning of ground and figure bled off into the night and lost us completely...”

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